Strategic Marketing

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Your Creative Marketing Partner is Right Here!

Creative marketing, combines both research & planning. It is vital to ensure a sustained creative strategy. A well-researched creative plan, drives business growth.

We’d love to get to know your business challenges so we can put together a creative strategy to help you find and engage your next customer.

We offer marketing consultations to build a complete structure and process to your marketing. The Rim Media and Marketing becomes your strategic partner, offering ongoing consultations and continually review and  improve your marketing and campaigns performance, creating engaging blog and video content that keep your audience hooked..

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Strategic Marketing

What we can do:

  • Marketing  Planning

  • Market Research

  • Events Planning and Management

  • Public Relations

We start by identifying your sustainable competitive advantages in the markets you serve (or intend to serve), and allocate your marketing resources to exploit them.

We use strategic marketing to identify your customer needs and to create a marketing plan to achieve customer satisfaction, improve company performance and increase profit..

We will create a written strategic marketing plan that dictates what type of marketing programs you should use during a given time frame and how those programs will be implemented.

By outlining how this strategy will engage your customers and how using new sales and marketing methods, you can grow and increase market domination. Strategic marketing can also help a business become more innovative and better penetrate a market. We employ various communication methods like newsletters, social media, outdoor advertising, podcasts and e-mails in strategic marketing plans, it all depends on your unique business and most importantly, your unique customers.

We aim to

  • Set realistic objectives
  • Create business tactics that are more effective
  • Take past marketing failures into account
  • Improve performance
  • Identify the most important ways that business operations must change