From Marketing to Creative: The fine line you never read…

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Marketing or Creative?

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Last week, a friend of mine asked me how my creative work was going.

“Busy, I guess, you learn something new every day” I replied.

But what did I even mean? I suppose what I’d really meant was that all I learnt during my 7 years marketing and creative career wasn’t enough: I go to work every day and grab a coffee in the morning thinking about what am I going to learn today, I listen to commercials on the radio on my way to the office, I watch marketing videos during my lunch break, and then go back online to wrap up what I have learnt at night and do some social media marketing. I didn’t even ask myself why I do that. Why don’t I just stop and apply what I have learnt and just use my existing skills instead of trying to learn everything else? I barely even take days off.  And now that I think about it, I feel like I am in a race!

Many of us have this idea about learning where the more knowledge you have, the more successful you are. The less you socialize during the day, the more productive you are. The more video tutorials you watch during the day, the more inspired you get. And the more commercials you listen to, the more creative you can be!

Truth is, as a marketer in a small to medium business, you have to really know everything, forget about the ((specialize or die)) theory, if you don’t keep your skills up to date and learn something new every day, you are giving the opportunity to competitors to excel.

And when I say everything, I mean everything, from planning to creative, it is an unbroken process, where you as a marketer not only put the marketing strategy together and implement it, but you will find yourself somehow forced into the creative industry, from designing logos to editing images, you may be a camera man or a movie director one day, the next day you might be editing sound files. You may find yourself in the middle of writing a story board for an animation ad, or designing a website, you will have to learn design tools and software which you never used during your 4 years marketing degree (or your Master’s degree), and you may have to learn about SEO and some other essential google skills.

In large organisations, departments function like a bee hive, they work together towards one goal, this goal might be planned by the CEO or the CFO, marketing department may include talented people in every domain, from creative to social to direct marketing, even events, large organisations need this variety, and they can afford it, while small organisations can’t.

The option for small organisation here is to outsource their marketing, or you as a marketer guru, must come up with a solution.

Small organisations who work with a limited budget for marketing expect a lot from their marketing team, the team can be as small as one person, but he/ she must know it all.

If you are planning to start a career in marketing, think about the size of organisations you want to work for, because the smaller it is the bigger your skills have to grow, and the more time you have to spend on learning.

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