4 Things You Need to Know About Social Media Marketing

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Social media is more than just a platform to promote your products, services, and content. It’s a two-way street for communication that can engage your customers and prospects. These interactions help build brand trust and a form a community around your brand. You need trust to create a deeper relationship with your customers and to encourage repeat purchases and referrals.

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1-      Authority

People are likely to trust experts in a certain industry or on a particular topic. The quality of the content you share and produce, as well as the advice you share when joining conversations, shapes your authority. To maintain your authority, you need to keep up with the latest research and news in your industry, and frequently share your insights.

Be an authority by being a part of the conversation. That means monitoring the latest happenings in your industry and sharing your insights and opinions.

To be an authoritative commentator, you can’t just be responsive to questions, but you must be proactive about joining them too. Find conversations about your industry and offer your insights. Share your opinions, and provide helpful articles.

2-      Helpfulness

Social media is a platform for a community of people, and they are more likely to trust those who are helpful than those who are not. Being helpful means commenting and answering questions. It also means sharing helpful content from a wide array of sources, not just your own.

3-      Intimacy

Intimacy involves engaging with people and showing your brand personality. People trust who they know, so it’s important to show that there are humans behind your brand. It’s not a “company” that’s tweeting or posting on Facebook—it’s people that are doing it!

4-      Self-promotion

Each time you post an article or a link that promotes one of your products, services, or articles, you’re being self-promotional. If everything you’re sharing on social is about you, then your trust with your followers will decline.





Source: Convince and Convert

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